• Renault will be staging the world premiere of Renault 5 E-Tech electric on 26 February at the Geneva International Motor Show.
  • Renault 5 E-Tech electric will launch with a 52kWh battery delivering up to 248 miles (WLTP) of driving range.
  • On 1 December, a teaser campaign targeting the general public will reveal a few of the design details of Renault 5 E-Tech electric.
  • Ahead of the reveal, Renault 5 fans and enthusiasts will be able to join R5 R Pass, an exclusive priority programme available in seven European countries. Members will be able to place their orders early and be among the first to take delivery of their new car.

“Renault 5 E-Tech electric is a cult icon redesigned for the modern age.
We pulled out all the stops for this engaging car, designed and built in France.
With its cheerful design and new-generation technologies, it’s out to make electric vehicles more affordable in Europe.”
Fabrice Cambolive, CEO Renault brand

Exclusive first pictures of the production model
Set for launch in 2024, Renault 5 E-Tech electric puts a modern, electric spin on the iconic Renault 5, taking it into the future. Ahead of the official reveal, several teaser images will be released highlighting the clear nod to its predecessor.

The headlights of R5 are a key design feature, making the front end instantly recognisable. It is not only their shape that sets them apart, but also the mark in the centre of the lens, resembling the pupil of the human eye. This nod to the 1972 advert featuring "The Adventures of Supercar" gives the modern-day R5 a human-like expression.

A charge indicator light on the bonnet
At the front end, the air intake present on the bonnet of the historic model has disappeared. Clearly showing that Renault 5 E-Tech electric belongs to the world of electric vehicles, it has been replaced by a charge indicator light forming the iconic number "5" when the vehicle is fully charged. A high-tech feature that is also functional and fun, this indicator is a great example of an accessible interface with a human touch, showing the battery charge at a glance.

Wheel arches
The wheel arches create a broader stance, giving R5 the look of a compact car with real on-road presence. Their graphic design underlines a unique and instantly recognisable personality, reminiscent of R5 Turbo.

Rear lights
The vertical rear lights include a function extending the side panel. This feature contributes to the aerodynamic performance of R5 by preventing air turbulence.

An original teaser campaign targeting the general public from 1 December
For this very special launch, Renault worked with Publicis Conseil to put together a teaser campaign that is exceptional not only in terms of its form but also its scope, since it is launching three months ahead of the official reveal.

The theme of the campaign: “R5VOLUTION IS BACK”.
Launched in 1972, at a time of social and societal turmoil, R5 shook up the automotive industry with its revolutionary approach to cars. In 2024, Renault is starting another revolution against a different backdrop: the energy transition, the location of production in France and the need for energy sobriety. And it is out to publicise this imminent comeback with a campaign taking in the whole of Europe.

The campaign reveals the first iconic features of the future vehicle's exterior design, starting with the 5 logo. The logo will be available in a choice of three colours, which will also be found on the production model: yellow, blue and green.

The largely concealed vehicle is systematically accompanied by a QR code linked to the renault.fr/R5 website. This site reveals a little more about the future vehicle with a series of details illustrated by key words: R5DESIGNED, R5NERGISED, R5DIGITALISED, R5SOURCEFUL, R5LOCALISED, R5VOLUTION IS BACK. The website also includes details of the special R5 R Pass , for customers wanting to be among the first to order and receive their Renault 5 E-Tech electric on launch.

R5 R Pass, a skip-the-line programme for customers
On 30 November, Renault is rolling out a unique experience for future customers: the R5 R Pass programme. R5 R Pass holders will be able to order the new iconic all-electric vehicle in the Renault network 10 days before orders open to the general public. Customers placing an order during this special period will be able to take delivery of their vehicle from early 2025 in the UK, with the ElectriCity plant in Douai, France, giving priority to their order on the production line. Holders of an R5 R Pass will receive a scale model of Renault 5 E- Tech electric after its reveal and will be the first to access content and events around Renault 5.

Available at a cost of £150, the R5 R Pass will be available from www.renault.fr/R5 and in the seven participating countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands).

“For the comeback of this icon, we wanted to reinvent the traditional vehicle launch. Little by little, we're unveiling the design of this retro-futuristic model, with a large-scale communication plan well in advance of the launch. Renault 5 is without a doubt THE ideal vehicle for this approach, since we’re talking about the rebirth or even the reinvention of a legend, undoubtedly one of the most iconic vehicles in the history of the French automotive industry.”
Arnaud Belloni, Global Chief Marketing Officer for the Renault brand

An all-electric pop icon
Just 3.92m long, Renault 5 E-Tech electric is every inch a city car. Ideal for urban driving, this all-electric icon is also at ease outside the city, with its 52kWh battery giving it a range of up to 248 miles (WLTP). This battery will be the first available when orders open.

Renault 5 E-Tech electric will be the first vehicle built on the new AmpR Small platform (formerly CMF-B EV), designed for true driving pleasure. The multi-link rear suspension, usually found only on vehicles further up the market, contributes to the excellent stability and roadholding.

A range of highly advanced technologies will also be available. Inside the vehicle is Reno, Renault's official avatar. This next-generation humanised co-driver will deliver a digital experience that fully immerses users in the world of Renault, for new driving and onboard experiences. Equipped with a bidirectional onboard charger, Renault 5 E-Tech electric will be the first production vehicle to feature V2G (vehicle-to-grid) technology. Supported by Mobilize, V2G technology allows Renault 5 E-Tech electric to supply energy to the grid. This technology will allow Renault 5 E-Tech electric drivers to save money on charging and cut their overall electricity bill, by selling electricity back to the grid.